Mpilo Medical Journal

Volume 1, No 5

Editor: Predrag M. Maksimovich, MD, DDS, ENT.

In this Online Journal we will publish various articles, comments, letters,etc in several languages. Where possible, translation to English will beprovided.

All Medical Professionals visiting these pages are urged to contribute.

Materials should be sent to our e-mail address in .htm, WP6.0 or WFW6.0 formats while the pictures should be in .jpg and .gif.

All comments, letters, suggestions are welcome.

Predrag M. Maksimovich

Case Reports

Several other patients.

Large submandibular tumor.

Notice scars after scarfications done by a traditional healer.

Large parotid tumor.

This tumor was removed in toto.

New Number of the Mpilo Medical Journal.
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