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Volume 1, No 3

Editor: Predrag M. Maksimovich, MD, DDS, ENT.

In this Online Journal we will publish various articles, comments, letters, etc in several languages. Where possible, translation to English will be provided.

All Medical Professionals visiting these pages are urged to contribute.

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Predrag M. Maksimovich

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Case Reports

Several other patients.

Cystadenocarcinoma of the RT submandibular gland.

Recurrence one year after the first operation.

Cystadenocarcinoma growing for about four years. Notice the ophthalmoplegia.

The patient immediately after LT hemimandibulectomy with exarticulation from the second LT premolar tooth for carcinoma involving LT trigonum retromolare, anterior LT tonsil and LT angle of the mandible. Notice the deviation of the mandible to the left.

Intraoral wound healing mainly per secundam. One vicryl sutur is still visible.

Recurrence in the LT cheek one year after the first operation. Removed with radical parotidectomy.

State after removal of the tumor of the LT lower eyelid and zygomatic area with reconstruction with local rotational flap. Notice the defect of the eyelid, ektropion and scar.

Squamocellular carcinoma destructing the nos and extending per continuitatem to the upper lip, both cheeks and both peri- and submandibular regions.

After partial amputation of the nose and upper lip.

Squamocellular carcinoma destructing almost whol of the body of the mandible.

Primary reconstruction achieved with transpositional regional flap from the neck. Lower cortex of the mandible was retained to keep the space.


A patient from the rural areas treated for a long time for an "eye infection". Alleggedly, eye globe was removed.

An orbital exenteration was performed. A structure similar to a shrunken eye globe was also removed. Histology: carcinoma.

Some six months after the first operation a local recurrence in the temporal region is evident.

LT parotid cystadenocarcinoma.

Scar is visible after a biopsy (sic!!!) performed in other hospital. Superficial parotidectomy was done with preservation of the facial nerve and the scar with the surrounding skin was included with the specimen.

CT scan showed a lesion the size of a fist in the anterior RT frontal lobe.

During the first operation, black masses were removed.
Histology: blastomycosis.
During the second operation the neurosurgeon removed the tumefaction from the anterior lobe.

Sarcoma maxillae.

After the first operation.

Six months later the patient appeared with even greater tumour.

After the second operation.

Pharyngeal fistula after irradiation and total laryngectomy for laryngeal carcinoma.

Reconstruction with Ariyan's pectoralis major musculo-cutaneous flap. Notice the elevation of the Bakamjian's delto-pectoral flap for possible future use.

Incipient necrosis of the flap above the tracheostomy.

Terminal stage of the laryngeal carcinoma with fungiform recurrences.

Plasmacytoma undergoing (unsuccessful) radiotherapy.


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