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Various Interesting Files
in Serbian

Flight Attendants
Retirement Plan
St Peter and a Director
Two jokes from "The Power of One" by Bryce Courtenay
A Blonde in Jo'burg
It Hurts All Over!!!
Tips for Home Protection
Carmina Burana with English translation
Chain Letters
Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road!?!
Learn Chinese in Five Minutes
Cool People
The Nutcracker Story and Legend
About Cricket
Deja Vu: Yugoslavia in 1999. versus News York on 09.11.2001.
Mediterranean diet
Gilbert Keith Chesterton: Donkey
Depleted Uranium in Yugoslavia
Adam and Eve
James Thurber: The Little Girl and the Wolf
Grim Zim
Richard Doll: One for the heart
Blessings of Our Time - Beatitudini per Il Nostro Tempo
Jesus vs Devil
Father John's Bath
Expressions for High Stress Days
Various Fine Signs and Advertisments
Various (*sex*) jokes
More (*sex*) jokes
Maurice King, Charles Elliott: To the point of farce: a Martian view of the Hardinian taboo - the silence that surrounds population control
Kurt Vonnegut: Wear Sunscreen
Letters to the Ministry of Labour
Lawyers 1
Lawyers 2
Code Levels for direct physical violence not involving guns or knives
Juan Carlos Garelli: Beethoven's Biography
Adam K. Kubba, Madelaine Young: Ludwig van Beethoven: A Medical Biography
Mary in Sunday School
Why we like men...
New Suth Effrican Deekshunry
Betcha Didn't Know!
Thoughts from a Senior
Another Old Lady
About Olive Oil
Curzio Malaparte about Oysters
Plato: Crito, or, the Duty of a Citizen.
Poking the Ears
Quotes etc.
Inspirational Reminders
Requiem (in Latin and English)
Requiem (in Latin)
Requiem (in English)
Requiem (in German)
Requiem (in French)
Timothy Garton Ash: The last revolution was also the strangest
Edward Hooper: "The River" - Tracing the source of AIDS through detective work
The Birth of a Tradition
Senility Prayer
Serbs for the Beginners
Jewish Penicillin
Stages of Life
Moral of the Story
James B. Stewart: Blind Eye - How The Medical Establishment Let A Doctor Get Away With Murder
Technology for Country Folk
Ten Commandments
Learn Texan
Engineers and Accountants
Top Ten Reasons for Being a ...
Mrs Smith
Some Wedding
Learn Women's / Men's English
Work Relationships
Earth's Population
Weary Zimbabwe farmers report new violence

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